SURF – Super Unipolar Fat Body Contouring Machine

SURF – Super Unipolar Fat Body Contouring Machine


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SURF 448KHz cell balance therapy to stimulate the heating element (electrical impedance) in the body to generate heat from the inside out;
The heat source is inside the body, which promotes blood and lymph circulation, thereby raising one’s basal body temperature. At the same time, balance the positive and negative charges of the cells and balance the role of cell repair.

Regulate the most appropriate frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cell. It can effectively help ions to move across the membrane through the cell membrane channel, reaching 4,480,000 times per second, so that the positive and negative ion exchange of the cell returns to normal, thus balancing the positive and negative charge of the cell. Enhance cell activity.

●Balance the cell membrane potential
●Improve cell metabolism
●Cell regeneration

Compared with the 448KHz radio frequency technology with Spainish INDIBA, MENO Beauty’s intelligent dynamic frequency modulation radio frequency technology, MENO Beauty’s RET-CET machine has the following advantages:

1. Perceive the type of treatment head to adjust the output waveform and energy to make the output more stable and controllable.
2. Real-time perception of body circuit impedance, thereby adjusting the output, making the experience more comfortable.
3. Dynamically adjust the depth of action of energy and automatically adjust the energy flow to ensure that the tissue can receive the most effective treatment, the treatment is more comprehensive, and the effect is better.
4. Intelligently adjust the output frequency: the output frequency is intelligently adjusted and scanned between 448KHz~500KHz, so that different types of cells absorb energy and produce effects.
5. With the addition of vacuum shaping technology, organic combination with radio frequency, and professional operation techniques, both immediate and long-term effects are better.
6. The RF output power is more sufficient, the maximum power is 200W, and the energy rises faster.

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